Water Ionizer Plans

Dear Mark,

I've seen some water ionizer plans online, in other words a way to build a do-it-yourself water ionizer. I wondered if those methods really work? I saw them on YouTube.

My questions are:

Are they as good as a full-sized alkaline water ionizer? It sure would save a lot of money if it really works to build it yoruself.

If it works could you suggest the best water ionizer plans?


Schenectady, N.Y.

P.S. Also, what do you think about buying a used water ionizers on eBay? and if I buy one on eBay what brand or model should I look for?

Dear Walter,

I've seen some of the do-it-yourself water ionizer plans on YouTube and I wish it were that simple. if there are enough minerals in the water you can certainly run a little current across the water and get a little more ORP and some change in the pH, but it's nowhere near the results you get by running high-voltage across platinum titanium plates.

So to answer your question about DIY water ionizers - I don't really think it's worth the effort. For the little bit of benefit you'd get and the time you spend building and maintaining it I think you're better off buying ionizer water from someone locally who has a water ionizer machine. I've seen a lot of people do searches for people near them will sell them kangen water. I have a health food store near me that sells people purify ionized water which is pretty cheap. NOTE: Make sure you drink that ionize water within 24 hours as the ORP levels drop and the effectiveness after 24 hours is pretty minimal.


Regarding schematics that I have, and that many people of asked me for, some of it is proprietary - as many companies keep a close watch on the electronic components and overall ionizer plans to keep ahead of the competition. Of course it wouldn't make sense to try to combine all the parts yourself as the platinum and titanium alone would run you some serious money and you'd have to make the plates from scratch.


As for eBay yes I think there is some great values as many people by water ionizers and then never use them, or need the money. check out some of my reviews to get an idea what model you might want to look for.

My Best,


P.S. if you do happen to build one let me know what your experience is. I'm always open to learn more, hear more, and experiment. having been to many of the ionizer factories in Kore and China (a story for another day) I can see a lot of innovation in the future about water.

Water Ionizer Plans