Water Ionizer Comparisons

I'm sure you'll find the Water Ionizer Comparisons chart below and educational video below of help. Pay special attention to:

1) Safety. Believe it or not there are some potentially dangerous materials in many water ionizers manufactured in the Orient. The video below investigates these problems.

2) Filter replacements. On average very 9 months you'll have to replace the filter and most water ionizer makers charge too much. This "after purchase" replacement can cost you more over time.

3) Warranty Conditions. The Guarantee is usually the return policy in 30-60 days, often called the satisfaction terms. The Warranty is the longterm reliability and can reflect the quality and durability of the ionizer brand. Be sure to read the terms when it says "Pro-rated". These often mean paying more money when or if it needs repair.

4) Quality. Without dissasembling each Water Ionizer it's hard to determine the quality (Hence this website!). Looking for certifications such as ETL, UL, or CE as important criteria for determining quality and longevity.

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How To Compare Water Ionizers
By Cost

When it comes to Water Ionizer Comparisons the question most asked is:

"Are the less expensive ones as good as the $4,000 models?"

Most water ionizers are closer in quality and performance than the price differences would warrant. The difference (besides price) can be found in newer technologies, safer design, safe plastics and materials.

Some of the newer brands which are trying to break into the competitive market have looked to improve on earlier designs and technologies. In the final analysis I looked for distinctions (shown in the Comparison Chart) that I found important - including:

1 - Price/Value Comparisons

2 - FDA Safe Plastics - (ses the importance in the video)

3 - Ease of use (skipping all the bells and whistles)

4 - Overall Quality (electrical components, plating, etc.)

5 - Replacement Filter Costs

6 - Ease of Hookup

7 - Feedback from Consumer and Expert Reviews

Just because the Kangen water ionizer machine (I call it the Grandfather of water ionizers) runs close to $5,000 doesn't mean that you can't get a Water Ionizer just as good - for much less.

Kangen is a quality made machine which uses some of the older technology along with some of the best materials. With its high price tag you have to factor in the Multi-Level Distributor commissions. At one point they were just about the only water ionizer available.

Several manufacturers wanting to break into the industry are bringing better technology and a lower price to the market, especially since the demand for Water Ionizers has grown in the U.S.

Conclusion and More Help

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