Water Ionizer Comparison

Below you'll find a water ionizer comparison chart along with an important educational video which points out some of the problems in the industry.

Watch the video first…

Some of the biggest mistakes include...

1) Unsafe Plastics Used In Asia. As the video revealed most water ionizers are using unsafe plastics.

2) Filter replacements. Most water ionizer manufacturers charge too much for their replacement filters. This "after purchase" replacement can cost you more over time.

3) Warranty vs. Guarantee. The Guarantee is different from the warranty. The guarantee is usually the satisfaction return policy of 30-60 days, often called the satisfaction guarantee. The Warranty is the longterm policy and can reflect the quality and durability of the ionizer brand. Be sure to read the terms when it says "Pro-rated". These often mean paying more money when or if it needs repair. The ideal is lifetime or limited lifetime. But you need to read the terms.

4) Quality. When we dissasemble the Water Ionizers we review to look at components and power supplies we also look for certifications such as ETL, UL, or CE as important criteria for determining quality and longevity. Most important is testing the components for durability, and testing ionizer plates to determine whether the voltage across the plate is consistent to produce proper ionization.

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I hope this water ionizer review site can help you become a more educated consumer and determine the best value for your money. Of all the hundreds of new models entering the marketplace I know it's a challenge to try and decide.

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