Water Ionizer Comparison Chart

Below is a revised ( 2012 ) Water Ionizer Comparison Chart to help you determine which water ionizer fits your needs.

In this chart I have chosen to review some of the top selling models. We're working to revise this Ionizer Comparison Chart - with another 50 brands - and hope to have that completed soon.

Below the Chart you'll find additional information which may be of help in determining or choosing the right brand for your needs.

If you have a question, a comment, or additional information to offer for upgrading the chart, or the reviews please email me via the "Ask A Question" button at the top of the left menu.

How Do I Figure Out Which Is Best?

Because there are many similar features as seen on the Water Ionizer comparison chart above you're probably wondering:

Are there any real differences between brands? And:

Are the ones priced at $2,000 to $4000 (or more) just as good as the $1,200 brands?

Most water ionizers on the market are largely the same. The difference can be found in newer technologies by newer brands trying to break into the competitive market. In the final analysis I looked for distinctions (many of which are mentioned in the Water Ionizer Comparison Chart above) that really mattered to me which include:

1 - Price/Value Comparisons

2 - FDA Safe Plastics

3 - Ease of use (skipping all the bells and whistles)

4 - Overall Quality (electrical components, plating, etc.)

5 - Replacement Filter Costs

6 - Ease of Hookup

7 - Feedback from Consumer and Expert Reviews

The video reveals some areas of concern, as well as some of the more recent advances in Water Ionization, which might be helpful in choosing a water ionizer for yourself.


Most of the well known brands on the market have similar features and performance. But because it is such a large expense it pays to do your diligence.

If you need additional help you can call the number at the top of the page and/or read the additional reviews via the menu to the left.

If you'd like a copy of the revised 50 model Ionizer Comparison Chart please send me an email.

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