Vesta Water Ionizer

Retail Price $2,995


The Vesta Water Ionizer is a 9 titanium and platinum plate unit, one of the select few 9 plate water ionizer machines you'll find currently in production. But do 9 plates really result in cleaner water and a more efficient machine? I think I know another question you may have:

Are 9 plates worth the added expense?

We'll explore the answer to these questions and more in this review.

Should I Get 5, 7, or 9 Plates ?

If you are contemplating purchasing a Vesta Water Ionizer with 9 plates you may be thinking when it comes to plate technology more is better right? When it comes to problems less is better. But when it comes to the number of water ionizer plates there is a good reason why 7 plates have become the standard for the industry:

Efficiency - I adored the twelve cylinder motor in a Jaguar I drove many years ago. If you have the money why not? Yet it required 3 times the maintenance, cost more to purchase, and there were fewer moments (or roads) where I could really open it up. 7 turns out to be a good number for several reasons: production cost, counter size, and if well made will get you where your going in ORP and pH.

Surface Area - It's not a matter of "more is better" because 1 huge plate could easily have the safe surface area as 21 small plates, but where would you put it? Besides which the production costs would change.

Safe ORP and pH levels - You don't want too much alkaline either. Too extreme an alkaline level can be harmful rather than helpful. Extremes in ORP and pH (like a 12 cylinder car) are unnecessary.


The difference in prices between a 7 and a 9 plate machine is often $1,000 more. And certainly more profitable for the water ionizer company than beneficial for the consumer.

Conclusion - 7 is plenty...

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Pros and Cons


1. Well Made in Korea

2. Good Customer Feedback

3. Good filtration



2. Does not use FDA Safe Plastics

Specs and Tech

NAME: Vesta Water Ionizer

Retail Price: $2,995

ORP Range: 0.1 ~ 0.5

pH Range: (varies by source water)

Under Counter: NO

Safe Plastics: NO

Replacement Filter Costs: Up to $119.95

Wattage: 85 to 300W

Guarantee: fourteen-day 100% guarantee

Warranty: 5 years

Water Ionizer Rating

Rating is based on comparative scales of the industry.

1. ORP Range: 8

2. Power Supply: 8

3. Installation Ease: 8

4. pH Range 8

5. Longevity/Quality:7

6. Safe Plastics: 0

7. Ease of Use 7

8. Warranty/Guarantee: 6

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 7

10. Price Value 2

Score: 61 = Good


I wouldn't complain about anything technically wrong with the Vesta Ionizer. It's well designed and made. But the price of it keeps me from recommending it to others. I can't justify the difference between it and a well designed 7 plate ionizer.

My recommendation is to review all of the 7 plate water ionizers reviewed on this site - starting with the comparison charts you'll see via the link below.

Vesta Water Ionizer Comparisons