Venus Water Ionizer Review

Retail Price $1,295


It's nice to see affordable ionizers and the Venus Water Ionizer comes in at a modest price.

I've had one to use and I'd say that it worked fine - nothing great, nothing amazing. As often happens the big question is this: "Is there is a better value water ionizer for less money?".

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Company Info

The Venus Water Ionizer is one of the Jupiter models, part of the Alka Viva formerly IonWays network marketing companies models. It is made in Korea and today is still a place for quality made products.

Whenever you see MLM or Network Marketing you most often have a higher price to pay since there is a payout of upline commissions to their tiered structure. This is the same situation for Kangen as well, who sell their units for $4,000.

My policy on MLM or Network Marketing is that if the product is unique, rare, or unmatched then by all means I'll buy it. If I can buy something comparable or better at a better price then obviously I'll buy that way. When Kangen was the only ionizer in town there weren't many choices.

Today the landscape of water ionizers is different, and as public awareness grows you'll find more quality products hitting the market at better prices.

The nice thing about Kangen and Ionways is that they have been the primary educators to people about the benefits of Ionized Water, and for that I am grateful.

Here's some of the technical info along with Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons


1. 5 Platinum Titanium Plates

2. Dual Filter Biostone

3. limited Lifetime Warranty


1. Voltage Regulator. This would never be allowed to be sold in Big Box stores for teh safety issues in the design. The idea of a voltage regulator to help with hard and soft water is not the ideal situation.

2. A bit high priced for a 5 plate water ionizer.

Specs and Tech

NAME: Venus Water Ionizer

Retail Price: $1,195

ORP Range: -400mV ( with chemicals added)

pH Range: 4.0 - 9.0

Under Counter: NO

Plate Surface Area: N/A

Safe Plastics: NO

Replacement Filter Costs: $99

Wattage: 60 HZ

Guarantee: 30-60 days

Warranty: 5 Years

Water Ionizer Rating

Rating is based on comparative scales of the industry.

1. ORP Range: 6

2. Power Supply: 6

3. Installation Ease: 7

4. pH Range 6

5. Longevity/Quality:5

6. Safe Plastics: 0

7. Ease of Use 7

8. Warranty/Guarantee: 6

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) n/a

10. Price Value 6

Score: 49 = Good


Since more people today are going to the 7 plate water ionizers buying a 5 plate ionizer like the Venus Water Ionizer is going to happen less and less. The Venus is one of the old reliable models. Reliable and a little outdated. The Alka Viva organization has largely moved on to some more upgraded models as well.

Venus Water Ionizer Comparisons