UnderCounter Water Ionizer

Dual Faucet Water Ionizer UnderCounter Kit - with Color Coded Hoses

Direct From The Manufacturer for $184.95!

Alive Water Ionizer Dual Faucet

Alive Water Ionizer UnderCounter Kit
Under-Sink Universal WaterIonizer Adapter Faucet

Convert Almost Any Countertop Ionizer to an UnderCounter with this Alive Water Ionizer Under Counter Kit

Includes All Connectors &Tubing • Water Ionizer Sold Separately

  • Allows you to convert almost anycountertop water ionizer (even competitor's brands) to a Water Ionizer Under Counter Unit.
  • Kit includes the faucet, all required connectors, tubing and detail installation instructions.
  • Installs in a standard 1/1/4" sinkcounter hole.
  • Dual-head design allows for separate alkaline and acidic water dispensing.
  • Stylish, attractive, contemporary design compliments any kitchen or bath decor.
  • Beautiful as well as durable chromefinish.
  • Full 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Dear Friend,

Most under sink water ionizers start at $2200 and up. If you don't have a water ionizer yet then the Alive Water Undercounter Ionizer will cost you just over half that amount. If you already have a water ionizer, and it has the elctronics for undercounter use (or you don't mind reaching under the counter when you use it) then the Alive Water undercounter kit is perfect for you.

It includes color coded hoses to make installation easier too (see the instruction guide below).

Be Healthy!!

Make sure you watch the video on "Water Ionizer Dangers" Below....

Faucet with Color Coded Hoses

Installation Instructions

The instructions below will give you an idea of how easy it is to install...

Comparison Chart

Most of the major brands do not even offer undercounter options, yet they can cost more as seen by the Water Purifier chart below.

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