Toyo Water Ionizer

My research into the Toyo Water Ionizer leaves me with a new view of the "players" in the water ionizer market, Toyo being one of the foundational manufacturers. Toyo has changed hands a number of times, but the brand name remains.

With earlier models including the Toyo Apex, Pure Porte 11, have quite an interesting history behind them. Toyo Metal (Toyo Aitex) initially manufactured the Enagic® models, Enagic® being the company behind Kangen water ionizers, the world's best known and most expensive water ionizers.

However it's the early toyo water ionizers that originally sold for $1,000 in the U.S. through their distributor HydroAnalytics, who also handled repairs and distribution in Europe. They likely would have continued were it not for their timing - namely being too early to the market. The popularity and awareness of Water Ionizers hit the U.S. market years later.

Today the Toyo's IE-900 sells for $1595.00 (the IE-300 for $895) and is manufactured by Dong Yang Science Co. or Thohan Kiden. (ok, there is some confusion about who is making them now). Toyo continues to make ionizers for other companies as well.

Pro's and Cons


1 - 30 day warranty

2 - Low acid pH range

3 - Meets "CE' Europe standards

4 - Platinum-coated Titanium electrodes


1 - 5 Plates

2 - Need added chemicals for best results

3 - Ph Range is hard to find online

Specifications and Technologies


Retail Price: $1,595

ORP Range: N/A

pH Range: N/A

Under Counter: NO

Plate Surface Area:Safe Plastics:NOReplacement Filter Costs:

Wattage: 200W

Guarantee: 30 Days

Warranty: N/A


It's a good, modestly priced 5 plate machine, however many other competing models seem equivalent for the price. The company's reputation in the industry is solid.

Toyo Water Ionizer Compared To Others