Q; Are Portable Water Ionizers any good?

by Sue Jennata
(Los angeles, CA)

Hi - My question: Are portable water ionizers any good? and if so which ones?

A: I'll answer your question assuming that by portable water ionizers you mean the "non-electric" sticks or water bottles with filters and mineral components to change pH. We've used and tested many of these portable water ionizers available on the market including:

1) NewCell Alkaline Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick
2) Alkalark Portable Water Ionizer and Alkalizer
3) Ionpod and Ionpdd2 water ionizer
4) AlkaMug - Alkaline Water Ionizer & Portable Magnetic Water Transformation System with Yantra Energized Matrix
5) Bioexcel Quantum Science Scalar Energy Lava stone Water Ionizer MAT (there's a mouthful for a name)
6) Ti-Stick. Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Stick- Filters.
7) The Original Dr. Hayashi Hydrogen Rich Water Stick
8) Water Wand - Alkaline Water Ionizer
9) H2go Portable Water Ionizing Pitcher

Ok.. I could go on with the list but here's the lowdown on how they work and how they compare to the plug-in electrical alkaline water ionizers:

The portable water ionizers (using sticks) can have an impact on pH if the mineral conditions are correct. But so much depends on the water you start with and it's quality - including how many minerals, contaminants, and pH value of it to start with - that you have to test the water to see if it's working where you want it to.

Does it compare, or do as good a job as the electrical Water Ionizers?

The stick type of water ionizers really just change the pH, or potentially can (again it depends on the water to start with). It won't have the effect of the ORP (think anti-oxidant) levels, in other words it's the electrical plates which raise the anti-oxidant quality of the water which has some effect on pH as well.

My opinion is that the ORP is more important for making major changes in your health, whereas pH is very important but not as significant. Of course people would buy the sticks if they worked as well as the machines which often cost thousands.

Do you use one yourself?

I don't, even though I thought the ones I tried might bring some benefit. I just didn't think they did enough to warrant the price and effort.

I drink Alkaline water (Machine) at home along with artesian water (I do a combination of both). If I travel I stick to a bottled water brand with a neutral pH (as many bottled waters are too acidic).

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