plans for making a water ionizer

Do you offer plans for making a water ionizer ? I'd like to save some money by building one myself if I can.

A: I know there is some videos on YouTube that offer ways for making a water ionizer yourself but I'd save my time, effort, and money with those methods because they really don't work very well. It be nice if they did. I think you'd be better off buying a cheap water ionizer used on eBay than by making a water ionizer yourself.

The suggested DIY water ionizer method uses small electrodes from RadioShack, a power supply, and several 5 gallon containers with holes cut in the side. Yes you can probably get all this done for about $40 - however making water ionizer yourself is pretty short-lived – all it really does is change the pH and created good breeding ground for bacteria.

You not going to get a very good orp level this way.

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