pH range of Water Ionizers

by Garry
(Brunei Darussalam)

I am very interested in the Alive Water Ionizer. Having researched the topic i would like to ask why is the pH range so narrow 5.5-10.5 i have read not to buy anything that wont produce a 4-9.5 range then don't buy. Those low pH uses - cleaning soaking produce to kill bacteria, skin wounds, itchiness, inset bites, acne. Would appreciate your comments.
Also what is likely shipping cost to Brunei Darussalam?


A: Because the pH results you get with a water ionizer will vary depending on the water you start with (mineral content, etc.) it is rarely the case that even the most expensive water ionizer gets the pH that companies claim.

The Alive Water Machine is a bit more realistic.

EX: The Alive Water Ionizer I tested matched the pH that my Kangen Enagic water ionizer produced 9I own both). Exactly the same. Of course the kangen machine also recommends an additive that they sell which will put the acid pH even lower to 4.0. But it has chlorox in it.

However if you add some lemon to water even at 5.5 you'll get the same result for cleaning.

Does that help??

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