Neptune Water Ionizer Review

Suggested Price: $1,075.00


The Neptune Water Ionizer is one of five different alkaline water ionizer models from Jupiter water Ionizer which range in price from $1,075 to $2695.00 (for their under-counter model).

In this particular review I'll only be reviewing the Neptune Water Ionizer , looking at specs as well as pros and cons. Along with my own personal experience with the Neptune I've been gathering reviews from around the internet and these will be posted and distilled into my conclusion shortly.

NOTE: You'll notice many websites have discontinued carrying the Neptune model - and you would be advised to check out the other Water Ionizers via the comparison chart on this site!

Jupiter Ionizer Company Info

As of this review all of the Neptune Water Ionizer is manufactured in Korea by a company called EmcoTech, and distributed in the US by Ionways, a Network Marketing Company.

The home office is in Goyang City just outside of Seoul, South Korea. However the manufacturing plant is in Bucheon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Although some parts of the Neptune Water Ionizer are made elsewhere, as is the case with many water ionizer manufacturers who outsource many of the components.

Pros and Cons

While many products coming out of Korea, Japan (and even China in many cases) are of good quality there is a difference in manufacturing prices between each country. Japan being the highest, followed by Korea and then China.

Here are my pros and cons on the Neptune Alkaline Machine :


1 - Reasonably Priced

2 - Platinum Titanium Electrodes

3 - Fair pH Range (8 levels) 5.5 pH to 9.9 pH, depending on water source


1 - Plate Number is hidden. It's something they hide - the fact that has fewer plates that most models.

2 - Adds Chemicals to boost range (a factor I frown on)

3 - Doesn't use FDA safe Plastics (most plastics release chemicals that mimic hormones which can affect the bodies immune system and hormonal balance)

4 - Filters cost $75 (not the highest on the market but for a small filter a tad high in my opinion)

5 - Only a 1 year Warranty (although I have seen 5 years in some places and 15 years on the plates)

Specs and Tech

Neptune Water Ionizer by Jupiter

Suggested Retail Price: $1,595

Voltage 110V / 50 Hz

Current 0.5A / 110 W

Filter Duration 6-9 months (~1000gal)

Flow rate 3-3.5 litres/min (approx 1 gal/min)

pH levels Approx. 5.5 pH to 9.9 pH, depending on water source

Operation One touch

Dimensions 225 x 130 x 340 mm

Chlorine Removal < 0.05 ppm

Electrode Materials Platinum Titanium

Under Counter: NO

FDA Safe Plastics Used? : NO

Replacement Filter Costs: $85

Wattage: 110W

Guarantee: 30-60 days

Warranty: 1 year on some sites, 5 on others

Water Ionizer Rating

This rating is based on comparative scales of the industry standards and practices:

1. ORP Range: 6

2. Power Supply: 6

3. Installation Ease: 8

4. pH Range 6

5. Longevity/Quality:8

6. Safe Plastics Used: 0

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty/Guarantee: 5

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 7

10. Price Value 4

Score: 59 = Fair


ADVICE: You'll notice many websites have discontinued carrying the Neptune model - and you would be advised to check out the other Water Ionizers via the comparison chart on this site! (if there is other information on this model please email me for updates).

The Neptune woukd not be recommended by me, and most people I've talked with opt for a 7 plate model. The Neptune Water Ionizer is a fair mid-range water ionizer. I don't like the added chemical part of this unit (or any ionizer for that matter) in order to create the desired range.

Jupiter Ionizer has been in the industry quite awhile, and made in Korea usually means quality. The MLM aspect raises the price to you - over what other comparable units will cost (as is true for otehr companies like Kangen & Athena). I recommend you consider looking at other comparable ionizer models.

Like many other brands, in fact almost every water ionizer in the world, I hope more consider using FDA safe plastics. I've lobbied for safe plastics for some time. Plastics can affect hormones in the body and can harm infants - according to the World Health organization. These hormones, for example, can cause a woman's breast tissue to absorb toxins. It's a big concern and some experts believe it accounts for some of the health problems (like cancer) that are on the rise. Some will say it's not a significant amount of the chemical leeching into the water, but if you add it onto the thousands of plastic cups, hormones in meats, and other sources of these chemicals you

As a conscious health person I simply can't fathom any company using unsafe plastics. but this has especially been my experience with factories in Korea, Japan and China - these cultures are simply unaware of these factors.

Please visit the comparison chart for healthier choices...

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