Micro cluster Molecule in water ionizers

by Serene Lim

How to tell which water ionizer machine produces a lower micro cluster molecule water?
Kangen water claimed to have 5-6 micro cluster molecule.

A: If the water ionizer machine is doing a good job of electrolysis (even a fair ionizer will change the clusters to 6-8) you won't find much difference between water ionizers. Most good machines will have 5-6. These smaller molecules and the ionic charge effect in the body is (in my opinion) more beneficial than the pH.

All Water molecules show up in clusters, not in single molecules. Tap water molecules are typically large clusters of 10 to 13 molecules. Electrolysis typically reduces large tap water clusters of 10-13 into what are called 'Micro clusters' of 5 to 6 molecules per cluster.

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