Life Ionizer 9100 Review

Retail Price: $2795

I decided that for this Life Ionizer 9100 Review I would pull out some of the questions I've been emailed about this model over the past few years. Namely:

1) Are 9 plates better than 7? or 5?

2) Is the Mesh Technology as good as the Titanium plated plates?

3) What do I think of the $2,795 price tag?

4) How does it (or does it) compare to Kangen?


I'll also include the following information:

1 - Price/Value Comparisons

2 - Safe Plastics?

3 - Ease of use (skipping all the bells and whistles)

4 - Overall Quality (electrical components, plating, etc.)

5 - Replacement Filter Costs

6 - Ease of Hookup

7 - Feedback from Consumer and Expert Reviews

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Your Questions Answered

Q: Are 9 plates better than 7? or 5?

A: The 5, 7, 9 plate controversy is answered as follows - It's not the number of plates (5, 7, 9) but the surface area and electrical factors that determines the ORP potential. In other words nine small plates are not going to be better than 7 medium sized plates or 5 large plates. 9 plates is less common (and most often it's for marketing) because it adds cost, without adding more effectiveness.

Q: Is the Mesh Technology as good as the Titanium plated plates?

A; According to the electrical designers I have talked to the mesh is not as good, but costs much less to produce. The end result in the water may not be a major point in results however.

Q: What do you think of the $2,795 price tag?

Better than the Kangen, without the middleman costs (although they do have a big markup) but perhaps a bit higher priced than it needs to be.

Q: How does it (or does it) compare to Kangen?

A: If I had a choice between the 2, I would probably pick the Life - both for cost and comparable technology.

Q: Where can i get the Life 9100 at a discount?

A: Here's a place where the Life Ionizer 9100 is often on sale.

Pro's and Cons


1 - Overall Good technology

2 - 60 Day Guarantee

3 - Undersink Options


1 - Despite Unconditional Guarantee several Amazon customers were not able to return defective units

2 - While a good value compared to Kangen still expensive

Specifications and Technologies

Life Ionizer 9100 review model

Retail Price: $2,795

ORP Range: -800

pH Range: to 12.0

Under Counter: Yes

Plate Surface Area: n/a

Safe Plastics: NO

Replacement Filter Costs:

Wattage: 385

Guarantee: 60 Day

Warranty: Lifetime

"Richardson" Water Ionizer Rating

1. ORP Range:8

2. Power Supply: 7

3. Installation Ease: 6

4. pH Range 8

5. Longevity/Quality: 7

6. Safe Plastics: 0

7. Ease of Use 8

8. Warranty/Guarantee: 9

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 5

10. Price Value 3

Score: 61 = Good

Life Ionizer 9100 Review

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