Life Ionizer 8100 Review

Retail Price $2,997


The Life Ionizer 8100 model is one of the more expensive models on the market, yet has some of the quality components looked for in a water ionizer. With 7 plates made of Titanium and Platinum it carrie some of the industry standards for quality.

Despite some of the recent problems with the Better Business Bureau ( Life Ionizer falsely claims a AAA+ rating, while the BBB website in reality gives them an "F" . It also says they are not a qualified member) I like their ionizers, although the Customer Service problems and negative feedback make me hesitate recommending them.

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Common Questions

Here's what people ask about Life Ionizers:

Q: They have something they call "EFT" in the Life Ionizer 8100, which means some kind of Energy Frequency Quantum Technology. What do you think of it?

A: Not having tested it I do not know either way. I have had a lot of personal experience with energy medicine, energy medicine devices, and while everything in life is frequency there aren't a lot of devices that can measure it correctly. I also could not find very much being written about it, who did the research on it, and their website is very sketchy about it.

Q: Is it a good value?

A: I think that there are many models which are comparable in quality and much lower in price.

Q: What about the Mesh technology?

A: My suggestion is to save your money. While it's true that MESH can give you slightly more ORP or pH range (because a MESH has more surface area to ionizer the water than a flat surface) it also requires more cleaning and potentially, as some technicians claim, can wear faster. The flat plate design is still the industry standard and has a longer track record. I think it's more about a company being different and/or something to "upsell" that a breakthrough.

Pros and Cons


1. Dual Filtration

2. 7 Plate Tianium Platinum Plates

3. Made in Korea

4. Quality


1. High priced

2. Expensive Replacement filters

3. Customer service issues

4. Better Business Bureau problems

5.5 year warranty (on parts not labor)

Specs and Tech

NAME: Life Ionizer 8100

Retail Price: $2,997

ORP Range: up to -800

pH Range: up to 11.3

Under Counter: Yes

Plate Surface Area: N/A

Safe Plastics: NO

Replacement Filter Costs: $59.97

Wattage: 208W

Guarantee: 60 days

Warranty: Lifetime on parts / 10 years on labor

Water Ionizer Rating

Rating is based on comparative scales of the industry.

1. ORP Range: 8

2. Power Supply: 7

3. Installation Ease: 6

4. pH Range 7

5. Longevity/Quality:7

6. Safe Plastics: 0

7. Ease of Use 7

8. Warranty/Guarantee: 5

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews)

10. Price Value 3

Score: 50 = Fair


My conclusion about the Life Ionizer 8100 Model is that it's too expensive for what you get. If under the counter is what you want however maybe the price doesn't matter to you.

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