Life Alkaline Water Ionizer Review

Priced From $1,497.00 to $3,997


Life Alkaline Water Ionizers represent one of the newer brands of water ionizers on the market, competing against Kangen, and other network marketing Companies like IonWays and Jupiter. By all appearances they make a quality product and we are going to take a closer look.

Designed and marketed by the LIFE IonizerĀ® Company - there located in Carlsbad, California. You might notice their claim that they are sold in Home Depot and Sears but they are not really sold in the stores, rather they are sold only by their websites and drop shipped by lLife. This practice is also something Target, Walmart, and other retailers have.

Life Ionizers machines are made in South Korea, although some of their electrical parts are made in Japan and elsewhere ( something we saw when we took one apart).

My first experience with one of their machines came when I purchased a Life Ionizer 9100 ( I believe it cost me $2500) . There are 5-7 different Life Alkaline Water Ionizers (some are really the same model with a view added features). One thing I remember was the high cost of replacing the filters every 6 to 9 months.

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My Questions...

Several things about the Life Alkaline Water Ionizer models immediately come to mind:

1) Why do they cost so much? If the plates use platinum and titanium (expensive metals) this is one of the bigger expenses. However there is more to it than that. Because Kangen set the bar so high by selling its water ionizer for over $4000 it has allowed competitors to come in with water ionizers from $1400-$3000 and still maintain high profit margins.

2) Why did Life Ionizers decided to come out with so many different water ionizers? Different priced models accomplish several things which the automotive industry has known for 100 years; namely people like choices, and some people want to pay more for what they perceived to be the best. There's no reason to create many different models as the ideal range of pH, orp, and alkaline water is pretty constant. Hence most water ionizers, while differing in price and quality, don't differ that much in function.

Of course if you decided to make a great water ionizer to reach more people you could lower the price by increasing volume. That's exactly what Henry Ford did to put automobiles in the hands of the masses.

Pros and Cons

1 - Good pH Range

3 - 5 Year Warranty


1 - 7 Plates (5 plates are ok but depending on power supply may not deliver widest pH range)

2 - The plates are "coated" ("dipped") not electroplated which holds some concern regarding the titanium leeching into the water when it deteriorates.

3 - Doesn't use FDA safe Plastics (most plastics release chemicals that mimic hormones which can affect the bodies immune system and hormonal balance)

4 - Filters cost $74 (not the highest priced filter on the market but for a small filter high)

5 - The Mesh technology, while providing some additional surface area, also means additional maintenance and shorter plate life.

6- A bit on the high priced end for what you get


I like the life ionizer's. The quality is pretty good. My only reservation is I believe there's some better units for less money.

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