Kangen Water Ionizers Review

Retail Price: $3,980



Call it the grandaddy. The Cadillac of water ionizers. And because of the popularity of the Kangen Water Machine many people have gained better health and a public awareness about the importance of pH, ORP, and ionized water. So you have to tip your hat to them.

The common questions I get all the time about the Kangen Water Ionizer are these:

1 - Is the Kangen worth $3,980?

2 - Why is it so expensive?

3 - Are there any downsides to the Kangen?

4 - Is there a comparable Brand?

I'll address these questions in this review of the Kangen Ionizer, along with some of the specs.

Is the Kangen Worth $3,980?

The Kangen is very well made and a good case could be made for the benefits and the quality of materials used. From it's Platinum Coated Titanium Plates (although it's dipped electroplates - which I'll talk about later) to it's nice touchpad screen. I'm certain the health benefits many have gained could warrant the price.

But back to the question about worth; the onslaught of competitors with lower prices reveals that the cost of a good water ionizer has come down so much, and newer technologies (many of them not found in the Kangen) have made the Kangen perhaps overpriced for the market.

Why Is It So Expensive?

When you are first to market, the groundbreaker, and have built a solid reputation over many years you earn some well-deserved benefits. One of those is naming your price. The same holds true for many other products like Heinz Ketchup, Kleenex, etc. You pay more for the top brand because it puts a consumer at ease, and such is part of the case with Kangen.

But besides brand name benefits several reasons for the high Kangen Water Ionizer price include:

1 - Multi-Level Marketing Commission fees. When you purchase an MLM product you are paying levels of Distributors.

2 - Japanese production. While products made in Japan are quality-made the cost of production in China (EX: Apple Ipad, Iphone, etc.) is much lower, and in many cases the quality level can be as good or better.

Are There Any
Downsides to the Kangen?

Overall I like my Kangen, although there are several things I'd like them to upgrade:

1 - Safe Plastics. I don't like the idea of using anything other than FDA approved safe plastics. Most plastics today have chemicals like BPA's which affect hormones in the body. As minute as some of those chemicals can be there is growing concern from the World Health organization about these chemicals. I'd like Kangen to cover this.

2 - Stop suggesting the chemical additives to raise pH range. Kangen uses a chemical additive (which has salt and chlorox in it) to expand the pH range, and claims, about their unit. I'm not going to add chloral to my system in any amount.

Kangen Water Ionizers Compared To Others