Kangen Model Ionizer Review


The Kangen Model Ionizer is the best known ionizer in the world, also known as the Kangen brand. Enagic is the company that manufactures the Kangen Ionizer.

I have a sincere appreciation for the way the Enagic company is educating consumers about the benefits of using alkaline water and creating a high quality model. I've owned my Kangen Enagic Water Ionizer for many years, and it is an excellent unit. Kangen has excellent marketing and training tools, and they do a great job. They were the pioneers.

Of the many questions I receive, by far the most asked question is whether or not there is comparable model on the market at a better price, and I believe there is. That's what we will be exploring in this review.

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Pros and Cons

At one time the Kangen SD501 Ionizer water machine was the only ionizer on the market, outside of a few no-name brands. And it's hard to find anything wrong with the Kangen Ionizer - it's basically the Rolls Royce of water ionizers. The big issue is the price. Do you want to pay for a Rolls Royce when a Toyota Camry will get you where you want to go for much less?

Despite the fact that everyone is gunning for Kangen's share of the market, it's a great product.


  1. Well Made in Japan
  2. Great Reputation
  3. Quality Parts


  1. High Priced at $3,980 + (both from quality as well as Network Marketing Costs)
  2. Older technology (IE: no under counter options/older circuit board and power supply, etc.).


I'll summarize my discussion with a few Q and A:

Q: Can you get a less expensive model which can do just as good a job as the Kangen ionizer?


Q: Can you go wrong buying a Kangen?


Q: Would I buy another Kangen?

A: NO, Probably not unless it came at a bargain price. I like some of the newer technology and I like having the Ionizer undercounter.

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