Ionizer Plus Water Filter by Singer

by velayna

I've used my Singer Ionizer Plus Water Filter model for fifteen years and love it, especially after my diabetes was cured after only one week and maybe a gallon of the alkaline water in combination with milk thistle tincture. My pancreas had mal-functioned my whole life, or as far back as I remember it. Suddenly the water washed out whatever was disabling it.

An iridologist told me that a dead parasite was lodged in the pancreas and that my condition was untreatable. According to a video a friend showed me, the Japanese use ionizers in their hospitals to treat diabetics instead of amputating body parts. The astringent acid water that comes from the lower hose is useful for injuries that are gangrenous as well as good for plants. The alkaline water washes away trouble-makers and makes herbal supplement uptake more dramatic when taken internally. When I fast I do not get hungry since the ionic minerals are as useful as food-sourced minerals.

REPLY:.......Thank you so much for sharing your story

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