Ionisation - Ionization Explained

Here's some of the technical side of the process known as ionisation when it comes to water.

Ionisation is the formation of ions as a result of a chemical reaction, high temperature, electrical discharge, particle collisions, or radiation. To "ionse" means to lose or gain ions. In the case of ionised (also called ionized with a "z" instead of an "s" - same thing) water the process happens through electrolysis, whereby the water is passed across electroplated metals which can transfer ions via electricity across the plates.

In this process an electron is taken from one molecule and gives it to another molecule. In a water ionser the electron is taken from one oxygen molecule and given to another oxygen molecule. We call this a hydroxyl ion, a molecule that now carries an extra electron (represented as OH-). These charged molecules are more readily absorbed into the body, because absorption is affected and dependent on ions for this exchange.

Alkaline water is water with more of these hydroxyl ions or high pH. An excess of negatively charged hydroxyl ions results in a pH above 7.0. A deficit of electrons results in a low pH (below 7.0), an equal amount of electrons in a solution or in the body results in a balanced pH of 7.0.

The other water produced during the ionisation process contains molecules that have been robbed of an electron. These are known as hydrogen ions (H+) which make the water acidic.
the formation of ions as a result of a chemical reaction, high temperature, electrical discharge, particle collisions, or radiation

Ionised Water and "ORP"

ORP is an acronym for Oxygen Reduction Potential. It means it operates as an anti-oxidant or more simply put it prevents "rust" inside a body much the same as oxidant browns the inside of a cut apple which is let on a counter.

Alkaline water has the effect, by reducing oxidation in the body, also allows the body to detoxify more effectively. because the molecules are smaller it also helps the body hydrate by absorbing water more readily. It also enhances the transport of oxygen, which many claim assists in increasing energy levels.

Ionisation Machines for the Home


While many people feel it is difficult to understand scientifically how all the benefits of Ionized water happen it's very much an enhancement of the natural processes that already occur across the body. Ions are constantly exchanging energy and each area and function of the body is involved with oxidation, different acid and alkaline needs, and fluid in and out of each cell.