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Water Ionizer Reviews That End "Water Ionizer Confusion" Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

I know what you're thinking:

#1 "Why do they cost so much?"

#2 Are the Inexpensive Water ionizers as good as the $4,000 Water Ionizers?

#3 "People tell me that how the plates are made is important. Is that true?"

#4 "Which Brand do you recommend?"

These are the questions I hear most often, and usually it happens after a person is done hours of internet research which (more often than not) leaves them overwhelmed and confused about which Alkaline Water Ionizer to buy.

"I did a lot of internet research on water ionizers, but to be honest I'm more confused than when I started" - Linda B.

Find the right one for you!

On this site you'll find answers to these questions, reviews, videos, and discussions which puts information in plain language.

Let's put Water Ionizer Confusion to rest!

Watch This Video First...

One I Recommend...

Q: "So what's a good Water Ionizer at a reasonable Price?"

A: If you want a high quality Water Ionizer, but you're looking to spend under $1,000 you might want to take a look here.


STEP 1 - GET EDUCATED. Learn the basic technology. You don't need a Masters degree in Science, I promise. Just some basics.

STEP 2 - COMPARE. Review Cost, Features and Warranty Items via the Comparison Charts on this site

STEP 3 - WATCH & READ. Watch the video and written water ionizer reviews of the models that fit your criteria to narrow your choice (via left menu).

If that doesn't answer all your questions you can write to me via the right hand "ASK QUESTIONS" box.

Let's slow down list of "things to avoid". This might include models with overpriced replacement filters, poor warranty policies, and overpriced models. At that point I'll make some suggestions of water ionizer models to look at that will work for their budget.

This website duplicates the same process we have used to help hundreds of people discover the right water ionizer for them. It includes my comprehensive water ionizer reviews, incorporating pH tests, ORP tests, video reviews, spec sheets, and comparison charts.

I believe that you'll find the best water ionizer reviews available online here on this website. But it all begins by following a few steps:

What Goes Into Our Water Ionizer Reviews

I like taking things apart. Its in my blood. I took our TV apart when I was a kid (my Father even threatened to take me apart after that). And we love getting our hands on different water ionizer models, and their specifications using:

1) ORP Meters - a test to determine the ORP (or antioxidant levels)

2) PH Meter - a test for the acid alkaline range. I'll also show you how to do urine and salive tests for pH so you'll know how much alkaline water to drink.

3) Electrical tests- for power supply consistency and reliability. This is where the science comes in handy.

(More of these tests will be available over time)

Want to go even deeper? Because some of my friends spend a lot of time in China designing products for sale in the U.S. you'll find "insider information" on the water ionizer industry, exposing the misinformation that dominates the field. You'll also some of the latest research and breakthroughs in water ionizer and water purification technology. We know where they are made, we've worked with the factories, and we know the strengths and weaknesses of each.


Who am I? I entered the Health Field because I had life-threatening allergies and asthma as a very young child. My struggles started a burning desire to find answers to better health. Along with air purifiers I studied herbs, nutrition, and natural treatments with some of today's top Health Practitioners. I eventually went back to school (University of Texas)for a degree in Health - although the real learning happened by thousands of dollars working in clinics and by "trial and error".

I no longer have asthma and allergies and one of my tools was finding the right air purifier technology to help me. I went on to do workshops for Tony Robbins Seminars on the Liver, and I have appeared on over 300 radio and TV stations.

Since I began my research in 1970 I have witnessed and warned people about:

* Air Purifiers that can actually harm your lungs

* Top Brand Air Purifiers that falsely claim to help allergies

* Falsified Air Purifier Tests

* Overpriced Replacement HEPA filters

* Air Purifier Warranties that sound good but COST you money

Along with my study of air I have been involved with water, and water purification since 1970. From Willards water, Ozonated water, watery memory, and how pH, structuring, and geometry affects water I've done my homework. I've worked with technicians and designers for Water units and Air Purifiers.

And now for several years my partners and I have done research on Water Ionizers - looking at performance, quality, and how they could be improved.

Just like infomercial hype much of the online information is based on advertising and marketing. Many models sold today are 10-20 years old in their design, simply because most people don't know any better.

To that end I finally decided to put together my years of expertise, personal experience, and that of my friends in the Health Field and in Engineering to provide you with the reviews here.


I have owned most of the brands you will find reviewed, and my business partner (who has been developing many of the electronics you find in products across the U.S.) takes them apart. I'll also be consolidating some of the top air purifier reviews from places like Amazon where consumers (like you) provide feedback. I really believe these are some of the top air purifier reviews you can find anywhere, and the best water ionizer reviews online.

I also invite you to email me your questions about Alkaline Water Ionizers.

My goal is to empower you to make the best choice for your families needs, and for your money.

To your Health,

Mark Richardson

p.s. This site is supported by ads (or maybe I should say I make a little money from Water Ionizer ads here). But I care more about people than money. So while I have my favorite water ionizers, and many companies want me to sell their unit, I try to keep things simple and aligned with my heart. I hope I have served you.

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