Fountain of life water ionizer

by Reed
(Oklahoma City, OK)

Can you please do a review of the Fountain of Life Water Ionizer?

A: I'd be happy to review this model. However whenever it has come up as a question I have neither seen a picture of it, spec sheet, price, or been able to find a Distributor carrying one in stock. The info below is all I have in the meantime. Their Company website seems to be offline as well, so the following info is all I have to go on, unfortunately. I can't find out if they're still in business.

1) The one thing I read about it mentioned an ORB values of -200 to -400 mV. As always this is dependent on the Source Water (whether you have well water, municipal Tap Water, Reverse Osmosis, etc.)

2) It uses two sets of platinum coated titanium electrodes, one positively charged and the other negatively charged. Without the square footage and power supply technical spec sheet that's about all I can say.

Maybe you can help me there. Please send any info on this model via the question form on the right - THANKS!

That's all I have....

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