Fluoride removal from water supply ionizer

by Tay


Can you please advise on the ways to remove the fluoride in the water supply?

Can the carbon filter in the alive water ionizer remove the fluoride?

If not which ionizer has the filter to take care of that?

A: I haven't seen any water ionizer filter on the market remove flouride. Check with your town too since many towns are now removing flouride (finally!) and the level may be very low. Still not perfect.

Fluoride is very difficult to remove from water. Most water filter makers avoid the subject altogether. Fluoride is a very small ion. It can't be “filtered” out of water. But distillation/Reverse osmosis/B- Carbon/ and Alumina can do a preety good job on flouride.

Here's what may work:

Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter>/b>

They can be expensive (Maybe $50-100) and require frequent replacement, but do offer an option for home water filtration. Do a search for "Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter"

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