Enagic Water Reviews and Comparisons

I realize that reviewing Enagic Water Ionizers, makers of Kangen Ionizers, might yield a response (a reaction) from their army of distributors - I speak about their water ionizer with sincere appreciation for educating consumers and creating a high quality model. I've owned my Kangen Enagic Water Ionizer for many years and it's an excellent unit. Kangen has excellent marketing and training tools, and they do a great job. They were the pioneers.

The main question I receive is whether or not there is comparable model on the market, at a better price, and I believe there is. That's what we will be exploring in this review.

Here's my Kangen unit below…

Cost: From Japan to China

Water Ionizers right now are made in either Japan, Korea or China. In the 1970’s MADE in Japan meant cheap, but we all know what happened - Japanese Cars like Honda and Toyota and SONY Electronics became very good and today Made in Japan means high quality.

In the 1990’s Korean Cars like the Hyundai, and Samsung electronics went from fair to excellent and from obscurity to popularity.

Today if you an I-phone or an Ipad, or even a Samsung - you probably know it was made… in China. Today China has very high quality products and lower production costs.

While the Enagic Water company produces their product out of Japan at both high quality and high price, it certainly opens the door for other companies to create a quality product at a lower price in Korea, or even at a greater price with high quality in China. That door is already open as you'll see in the comparison chart below.

Are They Really All That Different?

After all the "stones get thrown" between competing water ionizer companies - over differences in plate quality, number of plates, health hazards, and power supplies, certifications most people are still left wondering:

"Is there really that much difference between Ionizers?"

The Answer is: It's very similar to cars. Some cost more than others, and may perform better. Some are going to break down more often and cost more to repair. Some are cheap, and some are high quality. Some cost more to have the filters changed. But in the end a car takes you where you want to go.

My current criteria for a water ionizer includes:

  1. Safe materials - FDA safe plastics
  2. Quality Design - Parts and component certifications
  3. Budget - Good Value
  4. Performance - maximum benefits for my health.

A Comparison Chart (2013) of the Top 4 Models

Of particular note in the comparison chart below:price differences, filter costs, ORP ratings and Warranty issues.

In the video below you'll see some latest innovations in water ionizer technology, along with some of the needed health upgrades for issues that the industry has not addressed to date.

Watch This Important Video...



I love my Enagic water Machine, but I'm happy to see that more people will be reached by some of the more affordable, yet high quality water ionizers reaching the US market.

I also appreciate some of the newer technology and safety features including FDA approved safe plastics.

Enagic Water Compared To Others