Compare Ionzers Jupiter Melody vs. Life M7

by Keith
(Clarkston, Michigan)

I am looking for reasons to purchase an ionizer and would like to know the pro's and con's of these two ionizers - Jupiter Melody and the LIFE M7 which they advertise as the Next Generation with new technology and using SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) power instead of the old transformer power supply. There has not been much discussion in comparing the watts of power available. and the fact that higher power ionizers can produce strong alkaline water for detoxification. If you had a choice, which would you chose. My wife and myself would be the only ones using the ionizer.

A: Regarding SMPS vs. Linear you would be advised to watch the video below. The older type is actually better if done right.

Power is only as important as the efficiency - just as a fuel injection 6 cylinder car can be faster than an older carburated car. Wattage only goes so far, plus the amount of ionization (or alkalinity) only goes so far in the body.

Both models work well to do the job.

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