Best Under Counter Ionizers

Many of you have called me asking: "Which brands produce the best under counter ionizers ? In this review I'll try to answer that question by offering a comparison of different under sink ionizers available. I'll also make suggestions, with pros and cons along with installation information. Further down you'll also find a chart of the 5 best undercounter ionizers sold in the U.S. today.

Once you've decided on the best under counter ionizers which might fit your needs - review the Ionizers themselves via the links below. These reviews are based on:

1 - Price/Value Comparisons

2 - Safe Plastics

3 - Ease of use (skipping all the bells and whistles)

4 - Overall Quality (electrical components, plating, etc.)

5 - Replacement Filter Costs

6 - Ease of Hookup

7 - Feedback from Consumer and Expert Reviews

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Under Sink Vs. Counter Top

APPEARANCE - I had a friend Will whose returned home all excited about using his new counter top water ionizer and installed it on his kitchen sink. His wife walked in the room, took one look at it and said: "What's that ugly thing doing on my counter top?"

Will ended up returning that model and paying about $800 more for the best under counter water ionizer at the time. In his case a good value when it comes to maintaining domestic harmony (costing less money than a divorce I imagine).

CONVENIENCE - Obviously another factor is simply freeing up more counter top space for cooking and food preparation.


1 - Countertop Space

2 - Cleaner kitchen appearance

3 - Easier ability to collect acid water for plants and alkaline for drinking/cooking.


1 - Additional Cost

2 - Extra Installation

3 - Sacrifice of side spray


Until recently the best under counter ionizers started at around $2,200.00 and went up to $7,900.00. However several new models costing $1,100.00 - $1,300.00 came out in late 2011.

Because the electronics have become less expensive I say it's about time that it doesn't cost $600-$1,000 more to go under sink. I hope that more of the best under counter ionizers come down in price, and they may have to with competition on the rise and costs coming down.


Some under sink ionizers use simple 2 headed faucets with auto on/off for the water, while more advanced models utilize pH controls that operate right at the faucet. Because of the electronics, these advanced ionizer faucets cost even more than $2,200.

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