Ayan Varunizer vs Alive Water vs Life Ionizer M9 (2014 Model)

by John


I found your site quite useful, and I'm planning to buy a water system. I am wondering what are your thoughts on the Ayan Varunizer vs the Alive Water vs the Life Ionizer M9 (2014 Model).

Your insight would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

A; Hi John,

I'll make this very short as you'll find reviews on the M9 that I've done on this site.

Any of these ionizers will do the job (outside of some of the no-name models that sell for $600 with 5 plates). I truly haven't found any differences that are so different that they wouldn't work.

So the question is probably why is the Aqua Ionizer from Alive Water less money? The simple answer is that they shouldn't (There's my opinion) have to cost $2,000.


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