Alive undermount product questions

by fw

Hello, thx for info
Some questions I have:

1. Can I use the current faucet w/ undermount (matches decor). I have a drilled hole for soap dispenser that am not using which could be for additonal faucet. Or, can my current faucet be switched out for the one in your piece. (Looking at options for undermount)

2. You mentioned air purifiers...pls send me a link to your reviews of that. I just didn't see it but would like to. thx

3. One thing you wrote your review would cover but I didn't see is how to measure your own pH.

4. Along w/ that is also what it said would be covered in the video (but I didn't catch) was how to know how much alkaline water is your need. I assumed that any water we drink, however much or little should be alkanized if possible. Is there some limits/guidelines?

5. In the Q/A, you said of partables that you don't use and when traveling you use pH neutral bottled water. What brands would be pH? Also in Q/A you said you use artisan water...what is that?

6. The unit has settings for purification and settings for ionization. Can't the water be both purified and ionized? Isn't that ideal regardless? I am confused why these two qualities would be broken out. Please educate me on this--I would like to understand.
So I broke down my questions to be easier to present and be as clear as possible what I am asking. Thank you

#1 The dual faucet is unique to the lines from the machine - If I understand you correctly it would not work to use the current faucet.


#3 Three common ways to test pH:
a) a small liquid pH tester (liquid drops) b) pH strips you can buy from a health food store or Ebay (about $1) or c) an electronic pH tester for more accuracy(about $100)

#4 The goal in drinking pH water is balance. Hence I don't recommend alkaline water only but a mix of alkaline and some balanced pH water (except in health problems where rapid pH shifting is essential). We have a Doctor creating a guidebook coming out shortly.

#5 Artesian Water is deep aquifer well water (very deep ground water). if clean it is balanced and has minerals balanced as well. Most waters on the market are acidic (Aquafina, etc.). I often use Fiji, which is more expensive but has a better quality and balance.

#6 All the water, both purified and ionized, is purified by the carbon filter. The separate switch marked "purified" is for times when you don't want the water to be ionized.

Did that help?

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