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Q: I hear there are Water Ionizer problems with power supplies other than an SMPS power supply and other power supplies? I've heard that SMPS is better. Is that true?

A: The video below tells the differences between SMPS power supplies for water ionizers (or really any SMPS power supply for that matter) and a Linear power supply, as well as the pros and cons of each type of power source. Both do the job fairly well and I don't find there to be a lot of differences when it comes to performance - despite the attempts by marketers to make the difference to be a major factor. But since an ionizer is an expensive item it's probably worth looking into.

Most manufacturers purchase "Off the shelf" power supplies from companies that make power supplies. Many water ionizer problems (however slight) come from the power supply not being designed specifically for the water ionizer, or matched to the plates exactly.

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Pros and Cons

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)


·         Energy efficiency from voltage variations

·         Adjusts the voltage and improves dissipation/avoidance of heat.

·         Good for computers and small electronics (Smaller size. Weighs less). Helpful for countries with varying voltage



·         Varying voltage = more varied/fluctuating pH and ORP

·         Varying voltage = faster plate surface wear

·         More EMF and radio interference (EMI)

·         Ripple voltage at switching frequencies

 Linear Transformer


·         Consistant ORP

·         Consistant pH

·         Less wear on plates



·         Can overheat if the power and plates are inefficiently matched or unmatched


[EX: Kangen recommends not using their machine over 30 minutes]


SMPS is less expensive to make and lighter which has made it a very popular thing for almost all computers. It can also bring the production cost of Water Ionizers down, although it's probably minor since it's really the titanium and platinum which makes the majority of expense in an ionizer. Linear is more consistent at ORP and pH levels.

Kangen uses Linear by the way which provides a more consistent pH and ORP.

Life Water Ionizer uses SMPS and promotes it as being better.

So in my final conclusion there is not that much difference in performance.

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