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This Water Ionizer Resource Center was designed to answer a lot of questions we receive about Water Ionizers. Questions Like:

#1 "Should I Get A Water Ionizer?"

#2 "Why do they cost as much as $4,000.00 ?"

#3 "Which One Is Best?"

Our goal is to answer your questions and ideally end the hours of internet research which (more often than not) leaves most people overwhelmed with which Alkaline Water Ionizer to choose.

1) "What are you hoping to accomplish with a water ionizer?"

2) "There are hundreds of models. Do you know what to look for?"

This is usually followed by a short lesson where I explain the important factors. I usually include a list of "things to avoid". This might include models with overpriced replacement filters, poor warranty policies, and overpriced models. At that point I'll make some suggestions of water ionizer models to look at that will work for their budget.

This website duplicates the same process we have used to help hundreds of people discover the right water ionizer for them. It includes my comprehensive water ionizer reviews, incorporating pH tests, ORP tests, video reviews, spec sheets, and comparison charts.

I believe that you'll find the best water ionizer reviews available online here on this website. But it all begins by following a few steps:

first paragraph ...

Water Ionizer Reviews Homepage


STEP 1 - Learn about the technology.

STEP 2 - Make a Review of Cost, Features, Quality and Warranty Items of major brands using the Comparison Chart.

STEP 3 Watch the videos and written water ionizer reviews on the specific models to narrow your choices (via left menu).

What To Watch Out For...

1) Warranty Information. Be careful of pro-rated warranties as most often it means you'll pay to have it repaired and returned at some cost.
Length of warranty can often reflect quality of components and workmanship. It's best to look for something of a lifetime or limited lifetime warranty.

2) Quality. I know it's difficult to sort fact from fiction, and marketing high from truth, when it comes to water ionizers. Unless you're willing to buy different models and disassemble them to find how well they're made (something I have done at great expense) it's difficult to know what you're getting.

I'm sorry to say that many certifications are really based on paid membership to political lobby groups for manufacturers. One suggestion I have is to look for certifications such as ETL, UL, or CE which can be an important criteria determining quality. I speak about this more below.

Most Alkaline Water Ionizers reviewed online do not provide complete information.

3) Filter replacement prices.

Every six to 9 months you'll have to change the water filter which removes chemicals from the water. Watch carefully for reasonably priced replacement ionizer filters. Filters should run about $40-$60 on average.

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