Water Filter Ionizer Review

I know what you’re thinking:

Q: Are Water Filter Ionizer Models all the same?

Q: Are the water ionizers that cost $1500 as good as the ones that cost over $4000?

Q: What's the difference?

Answering those questions, and providing some guidelines for what to look for (and what to avoid) is the purpose of this review. In the end we hope to provide some real, useful, and authentic information.

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The mistakes most people make...

1) Overpriced Water Filter Ionizer Replacements. Most water ionizer companies charge what I consider to be exaggerated prices for their filters. Since you have to buy one every 6 to 9 months that can really add up.

2) Warranty Insufficiencies. If you see a warrantee of one year or less run for the hills. And the Guarantee is different from a Warranty. Satisfaction guarantee usually covers the first one to 90 days. The warranty is a long-term assurance of quality. Ideally look for a minimum of 30 days of warranty and five years to lifetime for the guarantee. Anything less might signal inferior design and reliability. Be sure to read the terms when it says "Pro-rated". These often mean paying money when or if it needs repair.

3) Poor Quality & Design. Whenever we dissasemble the Water Ionizers we review we take a close look at components, circuitry, and power supplies. Most important is the certifications which can include ETL, UL, or CE. This is important criteria for determining quality and longevity.

4) Unsafe Plastics Used In Asia. Nearly every water ionizer made in the Orient, which basically means 99.9% of them, is made using unsafe plastics. In the US we now have FDA approved safe plastics so we're not absorbing the chemicals in plastics which mimic hormones and can increase the risk of cellular mutation. The world's leading breast cancer experts, and the WHO, now warn that these chemicals, by mimicking hormones, can cause soft tissue in the body (like the breasts and prostate) to absorb toxins which can increase cancer risk.

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Are Water Filter Ionizer Models all the same?

The main difference between most water filter ionizer models has to do with price and quality. Similar to cars one could say that most water ionizers will take you where you want to go with your health.

Price - much of the markup of water ionizers has to do with distributors and network marketing commissions. Most water ionizers are sold via network marketing distributors. There are some companies that now sell directly to the consumer. Hence the huge disparity between $4000 water ionizers and $1500 ionizers.

Quality – the difference in quality is becoming minimal between water filter ionizer models, although like myself you want the best you can get. You can't guage quality by country anymore either. Whereas at one time made in Japan meant cheap, then made in Korea meant cheap, and until recently made in China meant cheap, today all three countries have quality made products. One example is the iPhone and iPad are both made in China.

Q: Are the water ionizers that cost $1500 as good as the ones that cost over $4000?

A: It really depends on the brand.

While Japanese models cost the most, and our high quality, there are some Korean models that are pretty good and cost less. While there are still some cheaply made models coming out of China that I wouldn't suggest, there are also some very high quality models coming out of China as well that are as good as the best you can find.


At one time there were only two water ionizers you could buy, and they ran close to or over $4000. With the popularity of water ionization growing renown starting to see high quality water ionizers that are priced below $1500.

The link below takes you to a comparison chart showing you some of the options and models now available.

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