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Attention! Why Online Reviews of Water Ionizers Failed To identify 5 Major Problems in The Industry

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"New Breakthrough Water Ionizer Technology Delivers Better Performance – While Saving You Thousands of Dollars"

Reviews of water ionizers show that the Alive Air Water Ionizer System is the World's Only Water Ionizer incorporating FDA Approved Safe Plastics, RTI Distinct Plating, and that passes ETL Certification which guarantees the highest standards for quality, consistency, and safety.

Dear Friend,

I was shocked!

...when he said $4,900! That was the cost of the best-selling Water Ionizer and I was thinking: “Is it made of gold?” (I'll refer to it as “KG” for legal reasons). I was already sold on the benefits of ionized water, having seen reviews of water ionizers and studied some of the medical research from Japan which clearly demonstrated its health and other amazing benefits. Even Japan’s own regulatory agencies (like the United States' version of the FDA and AMA) endorsed the use of ionized water.

But the price?! I had to think there was a better product for less than $4,900! Reviews of other water ionizers showed prices ranging from $1,200.

Water Ionizers and their Benefits Finally Get to the U.S. Market

Even though Water Ionizers have been popular for over 25 years in Asia, the United States is just catching on to the benefits of alkaline water. Ionized water delivers high levels of anti-oxidants, improves nutrient absorption, delivers more oxygen to the cells and improves hydration. It also can be used for home cleaning, plant and skin care.

I’m sure you’ve seen the other water ionizer brands (other than “KG”) online costing anywhere from $2,500, and even as low as $1,200. If you've read reviews of water ionizers, you’ll find most of them have the same features: 7 platinum plates, self-cleaning, ORP claims, warranty, etc., etc., etc.

Some talk to you. Some have fancy lights. But bells and whistles aside, they all seem basically the same in function. Or at least they seemed the same. But are they really?

Why They're Overpriced:

Even if the claims and health benefits were only 1/2 true maybe it would justify the $4,900.

But I still had a suspicion that the price was due to one or more of the following:

  1. MLM Compensation Markup
  2. Distributor Markups
  3. Expensive parts that I wasn’t aware of

It turns out that sales compensation (#1 & #2 above) accounts for the majority percentage of the high price. And while some parts (like the platinum process for the plates) are a bit costly, none of them are made of gold. It just wasn't worth the price.

So we began to research the water ionizer industry. We read reviews of water ionizers, researched the manufacturers and the many units on the market. We took them apart, and our resident “electronics” and “electrical” expert (one of the top electrical engineers on the planet – more on him later) soon revealed several shocking facts:

  • None of the water ionizers were using safe plastics
  • Most of the water ionizers are using outdated technology
  • None of the water ionizers match the highest US standards for quality and longevity (mechanically or electrically)

These shortcomings convinced us to design and create the World’s Best Water Ionizer, one that had higher quality, used the safest materials, better electronics, and better design features. After all that, we still wanted to offer it at a better price than any other 7-Plate ionizer.

You can explore data from reviews of water ionizers in the comparison chart below.

How To Get The World’s Best Water Ionizer – At An Incredible Price!

So we did it! We put together a new, more affordable water ionizer whose technology is even better than the high priced models—the incredible Alive Water Ionizer! We took the pros and cons of other ionizer brands and made the most complete ionizer system available today. It leaves out the flaws of other brands (including charging people too much!) And it costs only $895!

Think about this: Why would you buy an older technology ionizer for 2 to 4 times the price, when you can buy a a more advanced and efficient model, with the latest technology, for less? It doesn’t make sense.

The Alive Water Ionizer is so much better than a simple water Ionizer and Purifier. It’s a powerful new WATER HEALTH SYSTEM that’s years ahead of the field. Before you purchase a water ionizer anywhere else, READ THIS LETTER CAREFULLY. It could save you a lot of money and keep you from buying an ionizer that won’t even do half of what you hope it will. Avoid that disappointment. Take a close look at the amazing NEW Alive Water Ionizer.

Here Are 9 “Unique” Differences Found In the NEW Alive Water Ionizer

FDA Approved “Safe Plastics” – This is the only ionizer sold in the U.S. I know of that uses safe plastics for all parts that carry water. Most plastics leech chemicals that can mimic hormones. These hormones can cause sensitive tissues, such as a woman's breast and a mans prostate, to absorb toxins and potentially cause cell mutations.

ETL Certified – This is the only Water Ionizer in the world that has passed the stringent ETL Certification, which is nearly impossible to gain by ionizers made overseas. If it gets plugged into a household outlet, it needs to be ETL certified by an independent laboratory as being electronically safe. It is much more stringent than the UL or CE certifications. Unlike our competitors who skip this important step, all our water ionizers are ETL certified safe. This certification uses over 200 criteria to determine that a machine is safe, and that the factory is monitored to comply with these standards.

Advanced Electronics For Affordable “Under-Counter” Installation – One of our friends saw the Alive Water Ionizer and installed it on his counter, via the faucet. But his wife said “What’s that thing on my counter?” She didn’t want it there. So despite what we think is a “modern look,” we incorporated advanced electronics to allow under-counter installation (using an optional faucet). If you haven’t looked, most of the under-counter water ionizers run an extra $1,000. Our “Dual faucet” is under $180, and includes color coded hoses and quick-connect connectors for easy installation. You can also add it later.

Affordable Activated Carbon Filter - We don’t believe in over-charging for replacement filters. Based on reviews of water ionizers, our Carbon Filter at $40 compared to $110 for the top selling model is a much better value. This state-of-the-art water filter removes chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane, radon, pesticides, VOCs and hundreds of other harmful pollutants found in tap water. It also removes unpleasant odors and acts as an antibacterial/antimicrobial agent. And its extended filter life is 6,000 liters which means it will last approximately one year. Most expensive water ionizers use a filter that last only six months.

RTI Distinct - This new electroplate technology uses less energy while actually extending the plate life. No other model uses this technology.

Large LCD TouchPad Controls – The panel displays pH level; electrolysis activity and flow rate; water temperature; self-cleaning and filter replacement indicators; Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP); and water levels. It’s bigger and easier to read than the most expensive brand.

PH Levels - 7 Presets – (20% more than more expensive brands) Includes: 4 ionized alkaline presets (continuous variability pH 7.5 to 10.5 and ORP 0 to -550); Purified water (filters without changing pH); 2 acidic water presets (continuous variability, pH 5.5 to 6.5 and ORP 0 to +600).

Easier to Install – Our installation process is going to save you hours of work. We really thought the whole process through to make it easier and stress-free. Each water line and connection is color–coded (like many computers and TV sets today). And each connector is "quick-connect," eliminating the need for additional tools.

Limited Lifetime Warranty – We warrant all our water ionizers to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal operation and use; and we'll repair or replace the unit under the terms of the warranty for as long as the unit is owned by the original purchase.

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A customer's reviews of water ionizers led her to acknowledge that the Alive Water Ionizer beat the higher priced competition.

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Based on our reviews of water ionizers, many of the water ionizers available today don’t compare with the Alive Water Ionizer

If you’re serious about getting all the benefits from acid and alkaline water for your home, and want an ionizer with superior 7-plate technology that’s easy to install, with an easy-to-read control panel, that fits under your sink, and is ETL-certified, the Alive Water Ionizer is five times LESS the cost of the most popular high-priced brand.

The Alive Water Ionizer is brilliantly designed to give you the untold benefits of alkaline and acid water.

Reviews of water ionizers

Customer Reviews of The Alive Water Ionizer

“Water is the New Soda at This House

“All I can say is WOW! Water just became the new soda at this grandma’s house. Before I bought my new water ionizer, the only thing the grand kids would drink around here was soda. Now they can’t wait to come over and drink from what they call the “Magic Water Machine!” I can tell you it’s been magic for me. The grand kids and I love the smooth, clean taste not to mention I’m feeling better and saving a fortune on the bottled water I used to buy for me not to mention what I used to spend on sodas for the grand kids. Best purchase I’ve made in years!”

- Nancy, Rolla, MO.

“Amazing Water Ionizer”

“I can tell you exactly how I feel about your amazing water ionizer in three simple sentences. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!”

Maya, Charleston, WV.

“More Energy, Better Workouts, Saving Money”

“I admit it, you guys made a hypocrite out of me. A gym buddy of mine has had a water ionizer for around 2 years now. I wasn’t one of yours though and was a some other company and lot more expensive than yours, over $3000 he told me. So when he kept trying to convert me to the benefits of water ionizers, I told him he was crazy and it that was a waste of money. But, I did keep noticing that, even though he’s a lot older than me he kept beating my mile time by almost two minutes on the treadmill and kept giving credit to the alkaline water. I was still concerned about the price though so I did a little on-line research, I found your machines were better quality than his at nearly a third the price. So, obviously since I’m writing this letter, that was all I needed to know. It’s been a little over a month since I bought your water ionizer and I’ve never felt better. And, the best part is, while my friend’s happy I joined the alkaline water club, he’s not so happy he paid three time what I did for an inferior product and that I’m closing in on his treadmill time.”

Kyle, New York, NY

“Great for Drinking, Cooking, and Plant Care”

“Even though I bought my water ionizer for the alkaline drinking water, which is great by the way, I also recently discovered the benefits of all the other settings. I’ve been using the alkaline cooking setting recently and my soups and rice have never tasted better. Plus I’ve been watering my ferns using the acidic water setting and they’ve never looked bushier or greener! This a great product however you’re using it!”

Carol, Sherman Oaks, CA.

Pushing 60, Feel Like 40“

“Ever since I started using your water ionizer, I’ve never felt better. I’m pushing 60 but feeling a lot more like 40. I love this product and I’m loving how it makes me feel!”

Leo, Tampa, FL.

“Like a Water Filled Energy Box!”

”I’d read all the articles online I could about water ionizers and how they work but to be honest medical theories were a little over my head. After using it for just a few days, I don’t care how it works, I just know that it does! I feel GREAT! It’s like a water filled energy box! Your water ionizer is my new best friend! I wake up, say hello to my Ionizer (‘Ion’ for short) and fill up my big water bottle and go to work knowing I am starting my day right.”

Marley, San Diego, CA.

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Your Water Ionizer Questions Answered

Q: Based on my reviews of water ionizers, the Alive Water Ionizer looks so much better than other ionizers on the market, yet the price is so reasonable. How can you possibly do that?

A: We design and manufacture our own product and we only sell online, which allows us to ship directly from our U.S. warehouse to your home. Because we don’t sell through stores, infomercials, or Multi-Level Distributors we can keep our overhead low and return the savings to you. These “middle-men” (or “middle-women”) can easily increase an ionizer’s price 47-78%. Because we’ve sold thousands of water ionizers and airpurifiers our manufacturing is state-of-the-art. By keeping our overhead low we can offer you a better ionizer, for a better price.

Q: Will the Alive Water Ionizer really make me feel healthier?

A: Alkaline water is exceptional for hydrating and delivering oxygen to your cells. It allows nutrients to be absorbed more quickly and reduces toxins in the body. Many health practitioners recommend alkalizing the body for better health to ensure the proper acid/alkaline balance in the body.

Q: How does it compare to the more expensive water ionizers when it comes to reliability?

A: Great question. We believe (and know from our customers) that our product is much more durable than others. Based on researching reviews of water ionizers, we are the only ones (to date) who have paid to have the ETL ratings certification done – that’s because we knew we could pass their stringent tests. And because we run a “tight ship” without a lot of overhead we can do periodic upgrades without having to wait as long as our competitors.

Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: We ship UPS Ground directly from our warehouse, and usually get your order to UPS within 3 Business Days. Then it takes 2-5 days from the time we ship (faster for the West Coast, slower to go east). We include a secondary quality control before we ship any Alive Water Ionizer out to insure that everything is working to specs. If you need faster service please consider the 2nd Day Delivery options. *Free Shipping Does Not Include Shipping To Alaska, Hawaii, or PR. We do not ship to Canada (the duties made it prohibitive), but will honor warranty if shipped via the US to Canada (via friends/relatives or the border). Returned merchandise must be shipped at purchaser’s expense, and you’ve received a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) from (email). You may send back your Alive Water Ionizer via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. No merchandise will be accepted COD or collect.

Q: Can I talk to a person live before ordering?

A: Yes. We’d love to help. You can call us at 1-800-215-1689.

Q: What kind of tests have been done?

A: Besides our 30 years in the industry the list below shows some of the certifications we have put the Alive Water Ionizer through including the ETL - the worlds most stringent tests for quality and safety.

Q: How long has your Company been around?

A: I know buying online makes some people nervous. We’ve been in the business of selling water ionizers, air purifiers ( and other health products for over 30 years. You can visit our regular website at to learn more about us. You can also call us and ask the tough questions we hear everyday.

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