Life Ionizers

Prices Range From $1497-$3997

Life Ionizers are some of the newer models on the market, going head-to-head against Kangen and other MLM Companies.

Sold by the LIFE IonizerĀ® Company (also known as EarthTrade) whose headquarter is located in Carlsbad, California. While they claim to be sold in Sears and by Home Depot, they aren't actually sold in the stores themselves. It's just as another product that these companies choose to sell online on their website and they drop-ship the product to consumers. This practice is also something Target, Walmart, and other retailers have.

Life Ionizers machines are currently manufactured in South Korea with some of their electronic components from Japan (as we could tell from dissecting the machine).

In this review I'll be offering the experience of my Life Ionizer 9100 (which originally was $2500 or so) along with consumer feedback, specs, and pros and cons. Life has 5-7 different models (some are the same just with added features..) the filters - they cost over $100 to replace both.

Company Update

My Burning Questions

I've been trying to figure out several things about the Life Ionizer Company, and ionizers in general:

1) Why Life Ionizers decided to come out with so many different water ionizers? I can only imagine it's to satisfy different economic abilities, although a company producing many different models, while it may capture more of the market, also fails to lower the price by increasing production as it would by selling more of one model.

2) Why do Water Ionizers (not just Life) have to cost so much? I understand that platinum and titanium are expensive metals, used in the plating process. But to reach more people the price is going to have to change. Perhaps my first question is part of the answer here.Hey - I'm all for profit but I'm more interested in reaching more people with good health.

I don't have an answer yet to these questions, but I have my suspicions...

Pros and Cons

1 - Good pH Range

3 - 5 Year Warranty


1 - 7 Plates (5 plates are ok but depending on power supply may not deliver widest pH range)

2 - The plates are "coated" ("dipped") not electroplated which holds some concern regarding the titanium leeching into the water when it deteriorates.

3 - Doesn't use FDA safe Plastics (most plastics release chemicals that mimic hormones which can affect the bodies immune system and hormonal balance)

4 - Filters cost $74 (not the highest priced filter on the market but for a small filter high)

5 - The Mesh technology, while providing some additional surface area, also means additional maintenance and shorter plate life.

Specs and Tech

Suggested Retail Price: $2,597

ORP Range: +800mV to -500mV

pH Range: 4.0-12.5

Under Counter: NO

Plate Surface Area: 5 = 600cm2

FDA Safe Plastics Used? : NO

Replacement Filter Costs: $85

Wattage: 110W

Guarantee: 30-60 days

Warranty: 5 Year

Water Ionizer Rating

This rating is based on comparative scales of the industry standards and practices:

1. ORP Range: 7

2. Power Supply: 6

3. Installation Ease: 10

4. pH Range 7

5. Longevity/Quality: 7

6. Safe Plastics Used: 0

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty/Guarantee: 6

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 8

10. Price Value 4

Score: 64 = Fair/Good


I ended up selling my Life Water Ionizer on Ebay after some good use. It's not a model I would complain about in most ways, except mainly for price. I just don't think these water ionizers are worth $2500 or more, and I know from comparable models that there areboth high markups and better prices now becoming available.

I believe the world is catching up to the High prices that introduced Water ionizers of the world, much in the same way that Henry Ford mass produced cars to reach more people.

I also feel that the Water Ionizer story is not complete, and is filled with a lot of mis-information.

Please email me your questions....

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