Kangen Water Machine Review

Retail Price $3,980.00


To start this Kangen water machine review I give a lot of thanks to KangenTM, even though I don't distribute or sell their product. They make a quality product, and while it's a bit pricey, they're probably the ones most responsible for making people aware of ionized water.

So I know you're probably going to ask me, as most people do:

Is it worth $3,980?

I'd say that when they were the only company in the game $3,980 was worth it to get all the benefits of Alkaline water. And even though there are many inferior products now on the market. Today there are ways to buy a water machine whose quality and performance are as good. I can't knock Kangen, because they have done so much good.

Now onto my Kangen Water Machine Review...here's my Kangen pictured below...

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Pros and Cons


1 - 7 Titanium-Platinum Plates (high quality and good surface area)

2 - Easy sink hookup

3 - Meets "CE' Europe standards

4 - High quality


1 - $3,980 (with very stringent return policies in the first 2 weeks - even if unopened)

2 - Need added chemicals for best results (see the video above for more info on that)

3 - Expensive if you need repairs

4- It does not use FDA safe plastics, and while this is perhaps a minor factor in your health I'm trying to minimize any exposure to unsafe plastics as they leech chemicals that mimic hormones which can contribute to chronic disease.

Specs and Tech

Retail Price: $3,980

ORP Range: See the comparison chart. As with all Water Ionizers pH and range will depend on source water (well water, tap water, etc.)

pH Range: See Chart Below

Under Counter: NO

Replacement Filter Costs: $100

Wattage: 200W


My conclusion is that there are more advanced technologies than you'll find in my Kangen machine, and today there are less expensive machines that I believe will do the same job for 52%, even 75% less.

I wish the Enagic Company would create a less expensive model with the same high quality, with FDA safe plastics, and without the added chemicals. I realize that may be difficult or impossible given the network marketing structure and how commissions of fact product markup.

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