Enagic vs. Alive Water Ionizer

Can this $895 Water Ionizer Compare with my ENAGIC $3,980 Water Ionizer ?

I've had my Kangen Water Ionizer for years of trouble free use. When I was introduced to the Alive Water Ionizer I was told that it had comparable plate technology yet it had more up-to-date design.

The fact that it was 75% less in price was intriguing and this is my review comparing both.

Here's my Enagic Machine...(I own both models)


My first impressions of the Alive Water Machine was that it was quality made and was relatively easy to hookup. It had a simple twist on adapter for the sink, and while I didn't find it as nice as the clamp on style of the Kangen the Alive Water does have the option of using it as an under sink unit - something I think Kangen would have and should have done a long time ago. Under counter units have to use an upgraded circuit board and sensors to go under counter. But that requires new tooling and circuit boards.

The Alive Water Ionizer is smaller than the Kangen. although the digital display of the Alive Water Ionizer is bigger. The smaller size points to smaller plates and surface area, however when you read my notes about the plates below you'll see how the Alive Water makes up for size by electric components and RTI plating... (see notes under Pros and Cons)

The video below gave some insights into some of the more current technology...and some of the things to look out for in the water ionizer industry.

Pros and Cons

Alive Water


  1. Price: $895 (2012-2013)
  2. Plates: 7 Titanium Platinum
  3. Lifetime Warranty
  4. Easy Setup
  5. Under Counter Ability
  6. FDA Safe Plastics
  7. ETL Certified


Newer design

Shorter reputation in the market



  1. Plates: 7 Titanium Platinum
  2. Reliable/Durable
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Easy Faucet Hookup
  5. Good reputation
  6. Ul Certified


High Price

No Under Counter Use

Filters are $85

Non FDA Safe Plastics

I could cover about 50 other items to compare (see my other reviews for more techs and spec on both) but these are the highlights. Here are a few other notes and detsils about the comparisons:


While the Kangen Plates are larger in surface area the Alive Water Power Supply and electrical modules are a much more advanced design. Also, the newer patented RTO distinct plating process affects the consistancyacross the plates - which Alive Water Claims is superior to the Kangen.This means that while both are high quality Titanium and Platinum Electroplated the Alive Water Ionizer makes up in size by showing in tests to show more consistant volatge levels across the surface of the plates.


While Enagic has a long term reputation for quality and (I've heard that almost every hospital bed has a water ionizer - showing the Medical awareness that exists in Japan for alkaline water. I don't know if they are Kangen Machines or not. Please write me if you can confirm that) Alive Water is the only Company which has been able to pass the ETL certification.


Last time I purchased my Enagic Filter (replaced every 6-9 months) it cost me about $85 on Ebay. That didn't surprise me. The Alive Water Filter (comparable) runs about $45. Both prices are fair enough.


Comparison Chart


I love both.

But if I had it to do again I would chose the Alive Water Ionizer for the reasons:

  1. I can put the alive water under the counter
  2. I can save about$ 3,000
  3. My opinion is the Alive Water has more current technology, while providing the quality plating that compares favorable to Kangen

Like buying last years computer time moves forward where the prices can come while and the technology gets better.

I also love the fact that Alive Water Designers took the time and care to use FDA approved safe plastics.

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