Enagic SD501 Review

Suggested Retail Price: $4,500


My Kangen Enagic SD501 Water Ionizier has been in operation for many years. While expensive I appreciate the job that Enagic has done in bringing the awareness of the benefits of water ionizers to the world. They were the pioneers.

The question I receive most often is whether or not there's a comparable model on the market, which has the same quality but comes in at a lower price. The answer is yes.

Here's a picture of my Kangen:

My Kangen Enagic SD501 was made in Japan, where they still make their water ionizers. When I was growing up made in Japan meant cheap.But we all know what happened – Japan became known for building the highest quality cars.

99% of all water ionizers are made in the Orient – either Japan, Korea, or now the Chinese. Much like the Japanese the Korean products were cheaply made until about 10 years ago when companies like Hyundai and Samsung went from poor to excellent.

Today China is going to the same transformation – where products like apples iPod, iPhone, and iPad are Chinese made and considered high-quality. Where Japanese products, and Japanese production prices, are now expensive Chinese products and Chinese production prices are much more inexpensive.

While the Enagic SD501 It still made in Japan with both high quality and a high price tag, Chinese improvement in quality has opened the door for more reasonably priced, high quality, water ionizers. That door is already open as you'll see in the comparison chart below.

While companies fight over differences in plating, quality, health hazards, most consumers are still wondering:

"Is there really that much of adifference between Water Ionizers?"

The Answer is: NO

It's very similar to automobiles.There are differences in price, and their differences in quality, but they still get you where you want to go. But today the difference in the quality is more minimal.

My current criteria for a water ionizer includes:

  1. Safe materials - FDA safe plastics
  2. Quality Design - Components and Certifications
  3. Budget - Good Value
  4. Performance - maximum benefits in health

In the comparison chart below notice the differences in filter costs, ORP ratings, price and Warranty issues.

Pros and Cons


1 - 7 Titanium-Platinum Plates (high quality and good surface area)

2 - Easy sink hookup

3 - Meets "CE' Europe standards

4 - High quality


1 - $4,400 (with very stringent return policies in the first 2 weeks - even if unopened)

2 - Need added chemicals for best results (see the video above for more info on that)

3 - Expensive if you need repairs

4- It does not use FDA safe plastics, and while this is perhaps a minor factor in your health I'm trying to minimize any exposure to unsafe plastics as they leech chemicals that mimic hormones which can contribute to chronic disease.



My Kangen Enagic SD501 is great, but I'm happy to see that more people will be reached by some of the more affordable, yet high quality water ionizers reaching the US market from China.

You can read about some of those models I recommend via the link below, or send me a message via the form to your right.

Be well

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