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Q: I did a search for " Amazon Water Ionizer Reviews " to see what Amazon offers in the way of Water Ionizers. There was a ton of water ionizers for sale there. I even found discounts on the Kangen and the Jupiter water ionizers there.

Is there anything you can tell me about buying an ionizer on Amazon? Maybe pros and cons?

A: Amazon is becoming the new Walmart, which is good for saving money but probably going to bring a lot of brick and mortar businesses to their knees. Which it has already done. Since Amazon water ionizer sales have increased there are some good prices to be found.

Amazon is often less, but I've seen instances where the water ionizer sells for less on distributor sites. This is because Amazon charges an extremely high percentage to companies for selling their product. delivery is fast, and return policies are strong, however you're not going to get the installation and customer service directly from Amazon. So viewed by an Amazon water ionizer make sure you have the company phone number and support behind it if you need to call someone about it.

You'll find some suggestions for buying on Amazon, including some things to look out for, further down the page.


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Doing Your Research

If you decide to buy at Amazon you want to do some research on water ionizers first since Amazon is not equipped to educate people on the inside working of an ionizer, but at times a good place to read reviews.

Below you'll find comparison charts and suggestions for buying a water ionizer, and videos educating you about some of the pros and cons of the water ionizer industry.

On the left menu will find links to more extensive reviews on all water ionizer models sold in the US. These reviews include videos, pros and cons, technology, and often many Amazon reviews are referenced.

Buying On Amazon

Here are a few suggestions for buying water ionizers on Amazon:

1. Make sure the warranty and guarantee are the same as on distributor websites. This is one way that distributors try to cover the cost of selling on Amazon, which I mentioned is very expensive for them and cuts into profits heavily.

2. When buying an expensive item like a water ionizer I look at eBay completed listings, I look at Amazon reviews, I look for distributor specials, and I look at cost across all those sites.

3. If there is a slight difference between Amazon and what a distributor sells their water ionizer for I'll go with the distributor to get better service, help with installation, and to support entrepreneurs. Sometimes you can even negotiate with the company or distributors as they have more options than Amazon. For example they may give you a free filter or other services.

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